Meeting of the HFM-Jugendfilmgruppe

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It may still be a few years before the House for Film and Media opens, but we are already starting to set it up: And you can be a part of it!

Film education plays a major role in the future house, which will also be a meeting place and exchange platform for the young film scene. All young people interested in film and groups that produce their own films are welcome here. There will be a rental for film equipment, rooms for regular meetings or for the presentation of your films and much more.

The HFM-Jugendfilmgruppe (youth film group) is open to all interested young people and young filmmakers (age ca. 15 - 25) and those who want to become one. The focus is on producing your own films, but it is also important to develop how the group will contribute to the future HFM. The HFM association supports the self-organized group - among others - with its numerous connections to the film scene, its own workshops as required, small budgets for film projects, and the presentation of emerging short films on the HFM website and at HFM events. Everyone who is there now will lay the foundation stone (and more) for the HFM-Jugendfilmgruppe, which will later be located in the house.

Contact and registration for the regular meetings via Daniel Danzer from Jungsdhaus MITTE:

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