HFM × Arthaus – Absolut Warhola

© Mieczysław Górowski

Moderation: Goggo Gensch

Guest: Stanislaw Mucha (director)

Horst Merkle (gallerist Stuttgart, specializing in drawings and print graphics)

In this documentary comedy, Stanislaw Mucha explores the biographical roots of the Pop Art artist Andy Warhol – and finds them in the Slovakian towns of Medzilaborce and Mikova. Because here lives the large family of the legendary New York artist, who is actually named Andrijku Warhola. In Medzilaborce, there is also the only Pop Art museum in Europe, which primarily focuses on the famous Warhola descendant. Although Warhol's aunts, cousins, and cousins have no work, they have plenty of time and good spirits; they enjoy chatting and providing their own interpretations of the "myth of Andy Warhol".

Kindly supported by the City of Stuttgart.

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