The association Haus für Film und Medien Stuttgart e.V. is represented on the channels Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook with its own accounts.

We really welcome the exchange with our community and look forward to feedback and respectful, factual dialogue. However, constructiveness is important to us and we therefore ask that you comply with our netiquette, which applies to the HFM's social media pages:

  • Any form of discrimination or defamation of people or groups based on their origin, religious affiliation, nationality, physical condition, sexual identity, income, gender, or age will not be accepted.
  • Insulting, inflammatory, defamatory, pornographic, inflammatory, harmful to young people or even criminal statements will be hidden or removed. Since the law to combat right-wing extremism and hate crime 2020 came into force, we are obliged to report certain serious cases, including threats of dangerous bodily harm or the approval of crimes that have not yet been committed, to the responsible authorities. In the case of criminally relevant content, a report is also sent to the relevant security authorities.
  • In the case of links to external websites, we reserve the right to check the linked content and, if necessary, to remove the URL or the entire comment.
  • Refrain from commercial messages, election or party advertising, calls for demonstrations, campaigns, and petitions. This also applies to so-called spam. Corresponding content will be removed.
  • Unsubstantiated theories or unsubstantiated claims and suspicions can also be removed, especially if they are defamatory or damaging to business.
  • Comments that were automatically/machine generated (especially bots) or are obviously part of a campaign (shitstorms) can also be removed or their senders blocked.
  • Comments should always relate to the topic of our contribution. Arguments should be supported by facts. Comments that have no recognizable reference to our contribution will be removed by us.
  • Criticism and error messages are welcome, as long as they are formulated constructively.
  • We are a small social media team. If a post is not immediately edited and/or removed when a complaint is made, it does not mean that we approve of it - just that we have not been able to view it.

Thank you for your understanding. We wish you an interesting and constructive exchange of views!

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