The House for Film And Media will be for Everyone

Film and Media

Videos, films, photos, music.
All these are called media.
And media are everywhere today:
On computers, on TV, in cinemas, on mobile phones...

That's why there must be a special place for film and media.
A house for film and media.
The German name of this house is:
Haus für Film und Medien, in short: HFM.

Here you can watch media,
talk about media
and learn how to make media.

There are exhibitions, cinemas, studios for film and sound.
There are many places to experience movies and media.
And to make films and media.

A Place for Everyone

The HFM is a place for people and media.
Here, you can see and experience media with other people.
Without barriers and across borders.

  • Country borders or other borders.
  • A place to meet other people.
  • A place to see everything about movies and media.
  • A place to try techniques related to film and media.
  • A place to learn and talk about movies and media.
  • A place to look, marvel and feel good.
  • Simply a place for film and media.

Who had the Idea for the HFM?

In 2008, the community cinema in Stuttgart closed.
It showed special, artistic films.
Since 2008, Stuttgart no longer has a place for this.
So, an association formed when the cinema closed.
It wants a new place for the art of film in Stuttgart:
A house for film and media.

Who is Behind the HFM?

The name of the association is Haus für Film und Medien Stuttgart e.V. and it has 24 members.
The members are organisations from the whole Stuttgart region. They work in:

  • Education
  • Art
  • Culture
  • Science
  • Business

Who is the HFM for?

The HFM is made for everyone:
From preschool to retirement.
From beginners to experts.
For everyone interested in film and media.

Where will the HFM be?

The HFM will be built until 2027.
On the site where the Breuninger parking garage still stands today.
In the middle of Stuttgart,
near the Rathaus U-Bahn stop.

The House

The HFM has everything to do with film and media.
There are many different offers and areas.
Here you can learn a lot about film, media, and art.

  • The HFM has 2 cinemas: one big cinema and one small cinema.
    And there are more rooms where you can watch films.
    A real highlight is the open-air cinema on the roof.

    There you can watch movies in the open air.

    You can see many different films:
    Old films and new films,
    computer-animated films,
    films in German or in other languages,
    films with subtitles or audio commentaries.
    Audio commentary means:
    The filmmakers say something about the film.

  • In the HFM, people should also be able to learn.

    There are courses at the HFM for this.
    For children, young people, and adults.
    For example, you can learn to understand films even better.
    You can try out modern technology.
    You can record your own videos.

  • There are exhibitions and events all over the HFM.
    Outside too, in front of the HFM.

    The HFM has a permanent exhibition.
    This exhibition is always at the HFM.
    The works of art are everywhere in the building:
    From the entrance to the top floors.

    There are further exhibitions every year.
    Some match the films you can see at the HFM.
    Others present the work of film and media artists.

  • You can also get food and drinks at the HFM.
    There are vending machines for drinks and food.
    For events, we can set up a bar on each floor.

    Inside and outside are areas for eating and drinking.
    With tables and chairs.
    On the ground floor you have a nice view on Leonhardsplatz.
    There are enough places for resting and working.
    You don't have to buy anything there.

  • You can enjoy the HFM on the computer, too.
    We call this digital HFM, in short: DHFM
    An important part of the DHFM is of course this website.

    There you will find information, addresses and later also films, material and much more.
    For schools, teachers and anyone interested.

    But there are more ways to experience the HFM.
    On the computer or with a mobile phone:

    In the future, you can take a virtual tour of the HFM on this website.
    You can look at the rooms in the HFM on the computer.

    There will be an app for mobile phones.
    The app welcomes you in the house.
    You can take a guided tour of the HFM with the app.
    The app also has information about events and exhibitions.
    This app is not yet available.

A House for Everyone

The HFM wants to be for all citizens.
A house for the community.
A house for art and education.
A house for film and media. 

In Stuttgart, Germany, and all over the world.

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