HFM × Arthaus – Baby, I will make you sweat

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Moderation: Giovanna Thiery

Guest: Michael Brynntrup (filmmaker experimental film, professor for film/video in the Braunschweig university)

"Here I can be active and determined": Filmmaker Birgit Hein embarks on a journey to the Caribbean and captures her affair with a young black man on video. She documents her feelings and thoughts in writing. Later, she films the original recordings on 16 mm film, creating a visual distance to her self-disclosure in her travel diary . Hein's experimental film "Baby I Will Make You Sweat," created in the late 1990s, is both a very personal and aesthetically reflective exploration of aging, the desire for sex and tenderness, and Jamaica as a place of longing for a white, older woman. "The boldest film of the festival," judged the press in 1995 on the occasion of the premiere at the International Forum of New Cinema. In 2022, against the backdrop of current discourses on racism and power, the depiction of exoticism and stereotyped body images may provoke more than the discussion of female sex tourism did in 1995. The experimental images of "Baby I Will Make You Sweat" are accompanied by the soundscapes of the musician trio POL, composed of synthetic noises, soundscapes, and original sounds.

Kindly supported by the City of Stuttgart.

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