HFM × Arthaus – Kippenberger – The Movie

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Moderation: Goggo Gensch

Guest: Jörg Kobel (documentary director, author and producer)

Martin Kippenberger is one of the most versatile and productive German artists of the post-war period. With overflowing energy, he developed a very extensive body of work from the 1970s until his early death in 1997, encompassing painting, graphic art, sculpture, installation, performance art, as well as exhibition organization and book publication, almost exhausting all possibilities of artistic creation. The result: anarchic and lively questioning of society, the art world, and the energetic exploration of the remaining possibilities of contemporary art.

Previously unpublished material provides insight into the privately rather shy person of Martin Kippenberger, whose provocative image in public repeatedly led to strong controversies. This film, using Kippenberger as an example, explores how to manage the "job" as an artist in the postmodern era. In addition to family members, companions such as Diedrich Diederichsen, Gisela Capitain, Kasper König, and even secret admirers like Christoph Schlingensief share their insights.

Kindly supported by the City of Stuttgart.

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