Designs for a “Center for Film And Media” of the IÖB, University of Stuttgart

Perspective ZFM/HFM Stuttgart - Design Lukas Frantzen, Lisa Stadtmüller
Design Lukas Frantzen, Lisa Stadtmüller

As part of the 2021 summer term, student designs for a new center for film and media were created at the Institut für öffentliche Bauten und Entwerfen (IÖB) at the University of Stuttgart.


“A center for film and media should manifest the importance of filmmaking for the city of Stuttgart and involve its citizens into a discourse on the production and reception of moving images. […] The prominent building site, located in the IBA’27 district Leonhardsviertel / Züblinareal, has been found and the project is to be implemented as the first component of the urban planning competition for the B14, in which the monofunctional street space will be transformed into a green urban space. The architectural design can develop freely from the indefinite typology of a film and media center with workshops, presentation rooms, and representative requirements. The design may also reflect the diverse relationships between the disciplines.”
(Topic and design task, IÖB)



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