Podcast „Vom Parkhaus zum Rooftop-Kino”

Where do we go from here with film training and film education? This is the question posed by the newly founded initiative "Im Fokus: Film Bildung Kino" (IFFBK) (focus on: film education cinema), which was founded in cooperation with the Kinemathek Karlsruhe e.V., Medienwerkstatt im Werkstatthaus Stuttgart, and independent film educators.

In personal conversations on the topic, different interests and diverse perspectives are being presented over a long period of time. The project aims to show the complex situation of film training and film education in Germany.

For the podcast, Iris Loos, Head of the film and media department at vhs Stuttgart, answered the questions of Alexander Bischoff from the Medienwerkstatt in detail. Listen to the podcast.


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