Filmleuchten '22

From 2013 to 2015, the Filmleuchten event took place at Jugendhaus Mitte on the nationwide “Kurzfilmtag” (Short Film Day).

We are reviving this short film event and showing short films for five hours on the shortest day of the year with the participation of film festivals from Stuttgart and the region. Participants are:

Internationales Trickfilm-Festival Stuttgart (ITFS)

·    "Best of Tricks for Kids" 2022

Klappe! JugendVideoFestival

·    Dark Times (D 2022, Stgt. Jugendhaus Ferienprojekt “Ich will Action!“)

·    Free Runner (D 2021, Kilian Falter Vidal)

 film-sharing Festival

·    Inercia / Trägheit (ARG 2013, Becho Lo Bianco/Mariano Bergara)

·    Mite / Milbe (D 2013, Walter Volbers)

·    In Passing (CAD 2013, Allan Miller)

·    Wind (D 2013, Robert Loebel)

·    Luminaris (ARG 2013, Juan Pablo)

NaturVision Filmfestival

·    My Neighbour is a Bear (Italien 2021)

·    Our Work with Cradle to Cradle (D 2017)

·    Flying Barn Doors (GB 2020)

·    Haboob (Iran 2022)  

Stuttgarter Filmwinter – Festival for Expanded Media

·    Muttitelefon

·    WOTRUBA (Ö 2014, Thomas Draschan)

·    Heute nicht raus (D 2021, Marius Schwingel)

 SiNEMA – Deutsch-Türkische Filmtage

·    Fotograf Alti / Image Capture (TR 2021, Aylin Kizil)

·    Sulukule / Mon Amour (TR 2017, Azra Deniz Okyay)

·    Zeytin Cekirdegi / Olive Pit (TR 2020, Cetin Öncü)

During the moderated event, representatives of the festivals will be present for discussions and exchange.

Everyone is always welcome to take a look, linger and enjoy short film delicacies.

Kindly supported by the City of Stuttgart.

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