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The Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design at the HFM Summer Festival!

The reading and discussion evening on Lilian Thuram's book "The White Mind" (2022) with a screening of the short film "Black Savior" (2023) by Johannes Krug and Kwaku Ankomah deals with the question of how colonial and racist patterns of thinking and acting can be overcome.

European societies invented the categories black and white to justify colonialism, slavery and exploitation. Some of its effects, including (structural) racism, exploitation of women and men in the former colonies, social injustice and destruction of ecosystems, are not only felt in politics and in the lives of billions of people to this day. Colonial and racist patterns of thought and action exist to this day. By reading passages from Lilian Thuram's book "The White Mind" (2022) and watching the short film "Black Savior" (2023) by Johannes Krug and Kwaku Ankomah, the first part of the reading and discussion evening will raise awareness of how deeply the traces of colonisation are anchored in people personally and in societies as a whole. In the second part, an attempt will be made to identify the white spaces of power and how it might be possible to once again meet each other simply as human beings.

Guests: Farina Görmar, Intercultural Promoter, City of Stuttgart; Johannes Krug, Filmmaker,
Abraham Okello Omoding, Architect BSc, cand. MA

Initiator/Host: Fabienne Hoelzel, Professor at the Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design.

Look forward to a stimulating evening and the exchange with an international panel.

Please note that photographs and film recordings might be taken during the event for public relations purposes.

Kindly supported by the City of Stuttgart.

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