HFM × Arthaus – Vom Bauen der Zukunft. 100 Jahre Bauhaus

Moderation: Goggo Gensch


Grazyna Adamczyk-Arns (Project Manager IBA’27)

Thomas Tielsch (Director and Producer)

Against the background of the 100th Bauhaus anniversary in 2019, the documentary Vom Bauen der Zukunft - 100 Jahre Bauhaus (D 2018) not only tells art history, but also contemporary history.

From the very beginning, the architects and artists of the Bauhaus, including Walter Gropius, Wassily Kandinsky and Paul Klee, asked: how to live together? What does "living together" mean? How can rooms be designed in such a way that everyone can participate in life together?

The film by Niels-Christian Bolbrinker and Thomas Tielsch goes back to the beginnings of the first Bauhaus group around Walter Gropius, whose training concept, combining celebration and research, was revolutionary. Starting from the Bauhaus as a social utopia, they ask about its evolution, its change and its inspirational power over the past hundred years. How can the ideas of the Bauhaus meet the challenges of global capitalism and its upheaval in the housing markets? Niels-Christian Bolbrinker and Thomas Tielsch lead us from the legendary Bauhaus building in Dessau to visionary projects in Latin American favelas, from the courses of the Bauhaus masters Kandinsky, Klee and Schlemmer to Scandinavian schools without classrooms, from Gropius-Stadt in Berlin to the vision of a car-free metropolis . (Source: Rental)

Kindly supported by the City of Stuttgart.

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