HFM × Arthaus – Die Stadt ohne Juden

Moderation: Goggo Gensch


Brigitte Loesch MdL a.D., Chair of the Board Initiative Lern- und Gedenkort Hotel Silber e.V.

Susanne Jakubowski, Architect and Repräsentanz Israelitische Religionsgemeinschaft Württemberg

Dr. Michael Blume, anti-Semitism commissioner of the state goverment BW

The City Without Jews (Ö 1924) is based on the novel of the same name by Hugo Bettauer, published in 1922, which described the idea of ​​expelling the Jewish population from Vienna, which was still utopian at the time.

Unrest reigns in the legendary Republic of Utopia. The workers are taking to the streets, money is worthless, speculators are fueling inflation with their greed. In the taverns, people already know the solution: Out with the Jews. After their expulsion, however, the economic and social crisis worsened.

A few years after the premiere, the cinematic fiction was caught up by the cruel reality. The film is now considered as the first cinematic statement against anti-Semitism. With the rediscovery of an unabridged copy in Paris in 2015, an almost complete version with hitherto missing depictions of unembellished anti-Semitism could be reconstructed. Olga Neuwirth composed the new film music.

Kindly supported by the City of Stuttgart.

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