Max und die wilde 7

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The European Film Festival of Generations (Oct. 1-Nov. 30, 2022) is taking place in Stuttgart for the fifth time this year, and we're participating for the first time.

This year's film festival focuses on films and documentaries that deal with the topics of age and aging as well as the dialog between generations.

The Haus für Film und Medien Stuttgart association, in cooperation with the Innenstadtkinos Stuttgart and the vhs Stuttgart, is showing two films for young and old - best viewed together.

The screening will be followed by a film discussion with screenwriter Lisa-Marie Dickreiter and another guest. All are welcome to ask questions and be curious.

The event will be moderated by Nathalie Andries (cineaste and cultural manager).


A real knight's castle as a new home, how great! But not for nine-year-old Max. Because Geroldseck Castle is a retirement home. So that his single mother can work night shifts as a geriatric nurse, Max now lives there in the rabbit tower. He is the only child among all the old geezers. Max doesn't make friends in his new class either and is bullied by the boys as "Burg-Grufti". But he finds new friends among the residents of the old people's home: the once famous actress Vera, the soccer coach Horst and the naturalist Kilian. He also gets along better and better with his schoolmate Laura. When a mysterious thief makes his mischief in the castle, the suspicion falls on Max's mother, of all people. To prove her innocence, Max and Laura decide to find the real culprit. Of course, they are actively supported by Vera, Horst and Kilian, also known as the "Wild 7".


Free admission.

Ticket reservation at the box office or by phone: 0711 / 22 904 40 (info and reservation).

More information about the film festival in Stuttgart can be found at:

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