Umfrageaktion zum HFM

With the Haus für Film und Medien, a central place for film and media education is being created in Stuttgart that will offer a programme for everyone. To find out what young people in particular imagine a "Haus für Film und Medien" to be and what they would like to see offered, we conducted an online survey among 14- to 21-year-olds in cooperation with Studio Malta between 28.10. and 15.11.2021 with accompanying activities for participation in public urban space and youth facilities.

The questionnaire contained a total of seven questions on presumed user groups, formats, and focal points of the HFM as well as on the young people’s interests, social-media usage behaviour, and wishes regarding the planned new house.

In the further course, the suggestions are to be examined, concretised and, if appropriate, incorporated into the planning. The objective is to develop future programme content that is as attractive as possible for young people and in line with their needs by continuously involving them in the process.

All details on the objectives, implementation, and results can be found in the brochure on the survey.


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